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  • Official Media Partner of the Europa Games Expo's
    0 Introducing the Europa World Sports APP

    “THE OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNER OF THE EUROPA GAMES” The EWS app will include show guides and push notifications for the four Europa Games & Get Fit Expos! Download the Official EWS APP here.   A new multimedia platform for the fitness and sports nutrition industry is set to launch in January 2016: the Europa World…

  • International Judo Federation
    0 IJF Tokyo Judo Grand Slam starts tonight!

    The IJF World Judo Tour returns to the home of Judo for the final event for the 2015 season – The Tokyo Grand Slam- Japan! Team Japan now boasting 6 newly crowned world champions, this edition is going to be a blockbuster! Watch highlights from last year here. The GS starts Friday 09:30 Japan time,…

  • naga
    0 NAGA Pan American Grappling Championship Florida Dec. 5th

    NAGA brings No-Gi and Gi grappling back to central Florida on Saturday, December 5, 2015. The tournament will feature over 300 No-Gi and Gi grappling divisions. All Expert division winners take home championship belts. Non-expert Children and Teens division winners will be awarded samurai swords, adults take home medals. All divisions will take place on…

  • USAW shot
    0 USA Wrestling Senior Rankings released for December 2015

    USA Wrestling will release its Senior Rankings in the three Olympic disciplines for December 2015 this week. We start with the women’s freestyle rankings on Wednesday, with the other two styles to follow. USA Wrestling Women’s Freestyle Rankings, December 2015 The rankings are being published in anticipation of the U.S. Nationals/Trials Qualifier, set for Las…

  • uswl
    0 USA Weightlifting to air on ESPN2

    2015 American Open Championships December 3-6 2015*Reno, Nevada

  • USAJ
    0 USOC Hearing Panel – Section 10 Complaint

    Dec. 02, 2015, 12:40 p.m. (ET) USA Judo has been notified by the USOC Hearing Panel of its decision on the Section 10 complaint filed by one of our members. The Board of Directors of USA Judo would like to thank the members of the Hearing Panel for their diligence in this matter.  While the…

  • bjj
    0 Jiu-Jitsu Mag: The Blue Belt Blues

    by Marshal D. Carper 0 comments The “blue belt blues” are a well-known affliction. New jiu-jiteiros can fall into the trap of pushing hard to sprint the distance between white and blue. By the time they tie the new color around their waists, they’ve burned through their cache of enthusiasm. They start to lose interest,…

  • UFC-194
    0 UFC 194 Aldo vs McGregor: A year in the making

    After a year in the making, Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo will face off in the main event of UFC 194, December 12th, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The most heavily promoted fight in UFC history, it guarantees to catch the attention of the fight world, and beyond.

  • Mat 3
    0 USAW: The mats don’t roll themselves out

    By Matt Krumrie Special to USA Wrestling Ask any coach and they will tell you this: Volunteer support can be the backbone of a successful wrestling club, and parents who graciously volunteer their time can make the difference between a club thriving and merely surviving. Whether it’s transportation to and from the gym, rolling up…

  • The "new" Reebok Anderson "Aldo" UFC Shirt
    0 You won’t believe Reebok’s new UFC t-shirt screw up

    Bloody Elbow: By Mookie Alexander Reebok has had its fair share of complete disasters since the UFC uniform deal kicked in a few months ago. Giblert Melendez was the standard bearer before Norifumi Yakovlev gave it a run for its money, and a host of other problems have come up since then, but we quite possibly have…

  • 5
    0 Veterans Day Workout

    Happy Veterans Day from MYGO2SOURCE.COM! In honor or today I’m going to give you a military grade, Veterans Day workout. This workout is not for the weak and is definitely classified top-secret. But because we are celebrating our Veterans Day and giving thanks to the men and women who served our country and gave us…

  • book9
    0 Five Foods that are Making You Tired

    “ITIS” according to, it’s the drowsy, sleepy feeling you get after eating such a big meal. How many times can you say you got the “itis”? Maybe you get it every so often, or maybe after every meal. Did you know that some of your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinners are actually causing you…

  • proteine-dieet
    0 Benefits of a High Protein Diet

    Ever wonder why the scale just will not go down? Day after day, Night after night, you step on 3 or 4 different scales, seems like 3-4 times a day and never is there any weight loss at all. You can’t seem to figure it out, I mean you changed your eating (less carbs), you…

  • Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 4.09.07 PM
    0 Attack Dog Demo with Jessie Keller of the USAF!

    Jessie Keller and her team excite the audience at the 2015 Phoenix Europa Games with attack dog demonstrations at the USAF booth!

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    0 8 Exercises to help with your High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    By now I am sure you heard it, but if you haven’t H.I.I.T training or High Intensity Interval Training is the latest craze. It involves relentless persistence during your workout and can be more timely effective when performed right. Then why aren’t so many more people performing H.I.I.T inside the gym? Maybe they just do…