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Five Foods that are Making You Tired


“ITIS” according to, it’s the drowsy, sleepy feeling you get after eating such a big meal. How many times can you say you got the “itis”? Maybe you get it every so often, or maybe after every meal. Did you know that some of your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinners are actually causing you to be sleepier. That’s right wake up and take a nap, eat lunch and take a nap, dinner time then head straight to bed. These foods are not only causing you to be sleepier, there actually causing you to lose gains, and no one wants that! What I am going to do is give you a list of foods that are actually causing you fatigue, lethargic, and drowsiness behaviors. So for the people who want to avoid feeling exhausted, cut these foods down and I bet you will feel way more energized.


  1. Processed Food – Most processed foods are rich in sodium and preservatives. All those additives slow you down and take so long for your body to digest. I suggest switching from processed foods to foods that are fresh and rich in nutrients


  1. Sugars – Simple sugar taste great but can be so bad for your energy levels. They will only keep you alert for so long before you come crashing down (depending on how long it takes for your body to metabolize). I suggest switching to complex carbohydrates like whole grains and fruits. Keeping a well-balanced diet throughout the entire is important in maintain healthy energy levels.churr4
  1. Trans Fat – Trans Fat is never a good food to have period. It can lead to heart dieses, increased cholesterol, and put you at risk of developing Type II diabetes. Avoiding foods with the words “partially hydrogenated oils” and hydrogenated oils. I suggest switching to a healthier fat such as whole tree nuts and avocados.


  1. Caffeine – Much like sugar, caffeine will give you a jump for only a short period of time. If you find yourself sipping on sodas and energy drinks throughout the day, maybe switch to a black coffee. But only if you need your fix. (cuz I do) lol.


  1. Types of meat you choose – Did you know that not all meats are created equal! Some meats require more energy to break down inside our body as where others are easier to digest. Red meat usually takes up to 72 hours to break down in out body, as compared to a white meat that will take 4-5 hours. I suggest just switching up what meats you’re eating and when you’re consuming them. Try a fish or poultry in your diet to see if that leaves you feeling less sleepy.


So next time you go to build your diet plan, try avoiding these 5 foods. Always remember to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Any questions please leave them in the comments box below!

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