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Veterans Day Workout


Happy Veterans Day from MYGO2SOURCE.COM!

In honor or today I’m going to give you a military grade, Veterans Day workout. This workout is not for the weak and is definitely classified top-secret. But because we are celebrating our Veterans Day and giving thanks to the men and women who served our country and gave us freedom, here is a militaristic, warlike workout that will have you giving thanks when it’s over!


Warm Up:

Incline Run

Set a 10% grade on the treadmill, then start with a jogging pace for 90 seconds

(Keep the treadmill at the grade as you will use it in the workout)



4 Sets total on each series, after each series, 90 second Incline run

Jumping jacks x 50 / Push-ups x 50 (superset the two)

Military Over-head Press x 15 (15 on a wide grip, 15 on a close grip)

Burpees Pull-Ups x 10 / Farmers Walk x 50 yards (superset the two)

Tire Flip with an inside/outside jump x 8

Bradford Press x 20 / Handstand Push-Ups x 10 / Sled Push x 2 ( triset the 3 lifts)

Cool Down:

Full Sit Ups x 50


Have a Happy holiday and take care of yourself, healthy is happy. #challengeyourself to push further!

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