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Benefits of a High Protein Diet


Ever wonder why the scale just will not go down? Day after day, Night after night, you step on 3 or 4 different scales, seems like 3-4 times a day and never is there any weight loss at all. You can’t seem to figure it out, I mean you changed your eating (less carbs), you changed your workout pattern (your actually in the gym lifting now). But still, no change. May I suggest one tinker with your weight loss journey? EAT MORE PROTEIN!

Now I know this does not work for everyone, but for some this does. And the benefits of a higher protein intake in your diet plan may amaze you in results. Many studies have shown that a higher protein diet can preserve lean body mass, control weight, and improve in cardiovascular risk factors. It can help enhance your metabolic rate and act as a slow digestive macro nutrient in your day.


The RDI of protein is around 15% your age range, but I tend to keep mine at a traditional bodybuilder split of 40/40/20. That’s 40% Protein, 40% carbs, 20% fats. I believe that what works best for my body. As my goals change however so does my splits. If increase my cardio training for a marathon or any type of High Impact steady state cardio, I do a Moderate II diet split of 55% carbs, 25% Proteins, 20% Fats. Try and see what works best for your body, keeping a well-balanced diet throughout the process.

An example day for me would be

Meal 1 (Pre workout): eggs (with veggies) and oats

Meal 2 (post workout): 1 Scoop protein powder and coconut water

Meal 3: Greek yogurt and granola (with dried fruit)

Meal 4: Chicken and Sweet Potatoes (with veggies)

Meal 5: Cottage Cheese and a nut butters

Meal 6: Fish and Spinach salad (with homemade oil-based dressing)

This recommendation in your diet can only improve weight loss if you exercise though. This can only be optimal for you if you’re in an individualized training program. Meaning that if you live a sedentary lifestyle, increasing your protein for energy expenditure may not help you lose weight. You’re also going to want to seek proper nutritional help regarding a customary food plan towards your individual goals.

Now knowing all the benefits of a higher protein intake, let’s put this knowledge to use and list some examples of ways to increase your protein throughout the day.


Spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, parsley, tomatoes, peppers, peas


Beef, poultry, fish, eggs,


Milk, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt,

Others Sources

Tofu, Hummus, protein powders

Hope you enjoyed the read and found this information useful. Remember never increase your weight loss by restricting calories and always seek professional help.

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